Love Beneath the Christmas Tree: A Holiday Visit with Jae



Three short stories that follow the lives of Rachel Lewis, self-confessed Christmas Grump, and Lillian Coleman, the woman who makes her believe in the magic of Christmas again.

***The Christmas Grump***
For Rachel Lewis, a security guard at the mall, the Christmas holiday season is one big headache. She wants nothing to do with the celebration of love, peace, and family harmony. Her disenchantment with the holiday slowly begins to change when she meets seven-year-old Tyler and his mother.

***Kissing Ms. Santa Claus***
Rachel is counting the days until she and Lillian celebrate their first Christmas together as a couple. She is filled with longing for only one thing to make her holiday complete: a long-term commitment from Lillian. She sets out to find the perfect gift that will reflect her love and devotion.

***The Christmas Elf***
After her home state finally recognizes same-sex marriages, Rachel wants to propose to Lillian. Rachel is confident she has it all covered. She plans to take a second job as the mall Santa Claus to earn the money for Lillian’s ring. But luck is not on her side, so Rachel finds herself with bells on her toes, playing a Christmas Elf.

Note: “The Christmas Grump” and “Kissing Ms. Santa Claus” have been previously published in the anthology “Gingerbread Hearts”.


Guest blog:

Personally, I like Christmas. I mean, what’s not to like? Spending time with family and friends, eating good food, including German holiday classics such as Zimtsterne and Linzertorte, and having some time off to put your feet up and look back at the past year…

But, of course, not everyone feels that way.

Rachel Lewis, the main character in my series of short stories, doesn’t. She’s the proverbial Christmas grump. Her mother died a few months ago, her girlfriend left her and took their fake Christmas tree with her, and the Christmas carols in the shopping center, where she works as a security guard, are driving her crazy. No wonder she doesn’t like Christmas.

That is, until she meets Lillian Coleman and her seven-year-old son, Tyler. Lillian has her own reasons to dread Christmas. This is the first time she’ll have to celebrate Christmas without her late partner, and she’s still paying off medical bills, so she can’t afford the robot that is on Tyler’s wish list.

In “The Christmas Grump,” you can read about what happens when Rachel rediscovers her Christmas spirit and sets out on a mission to make at least one of Tyler’s wishes come true.

The next two stories, “Kissing Ms. Santa Claus” and “The Christmas Elf,” give us glimpses into the lives of our Christmas grump and her loved ones around Christmas one and two years later.

I hope you enjoy the stories in Love Beneath the Christmas Tree and have a merry Christmas!

Many greetings from Germany,



Thank you Jae for visiting the blog today. I am about to hunker down for a spell before going to work and start in on your wonderful holiday collection. I love your work and it an honor to share a publisher with you. Ylva is a special place that brings joy to readers everywhere and I hope you will all share your holidays with us this year.


Jae grew up amidst the vineyards of southern Germany. She spent her childhood with her nose buried in a book, earning her the nickname “professor.” The writing bug bit her at the age of eleven. For the last six years, she has been writing mostly in English.

She works as a psychologist and likes to spend her time reading, playing board games with friends, spending time with her nieces and nephew, and watching way too many crime shows.






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