Claimed by the Devil

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Helene Gaudet is finally free of her past-a rage-filled ex-husband whose curse has left her unable to have children. Helene shares those past agonies with no one-certainly not with a Marchand. Her lonely life is upended when she encounters who she believes is her perfect Dom in an Internet chat room. To her shock, her Dom is none other than Devlin Marchand, the very person who handed her over to a dark sorcerer to be killed. Yet Devlin proves himself to be a loving Master, and lust and love grow with each tormenting, releasing, encounter. But guilt over his past betrayal is multiplied when he learns the curse that has dogged his lover for years comes from the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears all he has built with Helene will be destroyed. Can they overcome the past to have a future together?



I love a good series I can sink my teeth into and Claimed by the Devil is the beginning of series with magical sex toys, dream worthy Doms and sex scenes with BDSM that will curl your toes. *fans face*. When Devlin crosses paths with Helene after they reconnect after a harsh betrayal. I loved the element of suspense as Devlin has online Dom/sub conversations with Helene and they finally meet. The magical nature of the sex scenes was original and made the story flare with all consuming heat. The community of beings wrapped in spells and workings is positively diabolical and worked so well the the voodoo/magick elements of the story. There is a painful history between these two and there is a very real possibility that their reawakened passion may not be enough to surmount the damage done in the past. Some things are better left alone-will Helene and Devlin heal the wounds that bind them or will the darkness find them first? I love the characters and who wouldn’t love a magical sex toy?

5/5 This series is hot!!


Jack Stone: We Want It Now


I am waiting with eager anticipation for the new Jack Stone BDSM novel by Viviene Sparx. It is due out on June 30th. When asked about why women are hungering after this sexy hero, listen to what author Vivien Sparx has to say…

1. What will women love most about Jack Stone?

Think women will relate to Jack in a number of ways. Firstly, he’s sexy. As one of the characters says in the first book, “Wild Justice”, Jack is the perfect love affair. He shows up in town for just a few days, and he comes with no complications and no baggage. He’s as sexy as hell and he’s a skilled Dom. He’s the ultimate fantasy, because you know that when he leaves town you will never hear from him again. He won’t phone, he won’t email – he’ll just be that happy sexy memory that makes a woman smile in a secret way every day.

I also think they will relate to his sense of justice. Jack sees something wrong and he does something about it. That’s not how most men react – but it is how most women wish they could react. We get upset over injustices, and so does Jack. So in lost of ways, he strikes a chord with a woman’s sense of right and wrong.

Jack is a man who is accustomed to violence. He’s not a thug. He’s smart, clever, sexy – and not afraid of conflict. Ultimately the good guy wins, but along the way he gets to kick some bad-guy butt. I think women will love the fact that through Jack Stone, they get some sense of wrongs being righted.

2. Why create a character like Jack Stone?

Most of my stories so far have been BDSM-themed stories, featuring the smart, sophisticated, well-dressed Master. And I think that concept has run its course. I think women’s needs from BDSM erotic romance are changing. I think the guy in a suit with a billion dollars has just about had his time. Jack dresses in jeans and t-shirts. He hitchhikes from town to town – and he’s on a mission. I think he’s a different type of BDSM character, and mixed in with the sex is an opportunity to expand the scope of the stories. He’s the rugged tough-guy. He’s a good guy, who deals with bad things in a direct way. He’s very different to all my other characters. You won’t ever see a situation where Jack is indecisive, or conflicted. He’s a black and white kind of guy.

I also think the corporate/claustrophobic BDSM concept is getting tired. Jack Stone works on a really broad canvas. He moves around the country. That gives me a lot more exciting scenarios rather than just the boardroom/penthouse to work in.

3. How will the series work – and how many books will there be in the Jack Stone series?

I don’t know how many books Jack will feature in. A lot, I hope! I really, really like the character. The series is a collection of stand-alone stories. A reader can pick up any one at any time and enjoy what’s on the page without worrying too much about following a particular order. Each book will be its own self-contained story, and no two books will have recurring characters – except for Jack Stone himself. The only book that will need to be read last will be the last one in the series (but I can’t tell you why!)

So as each story is published, they will be stand alone books, and readers can pick any one up in any order and enjoy the sex, the thrills and the action – and the romance.

4. Can you draw comparisons between Jack Stone and Stefan, from the bestselling ‘Her Master’s Kiss’ series?

No. The only thing those two have in common is that they are both men! Whereas Stefan was stubborn, conflicted, haunted by his past and quite tragic and old fashioned in his ways, Jack has none of that baggage to deal with. Jack Stone is a very different man in every way. He’s tougher than Stefan, he’s more focused than Stefan. He’s less conflicted than Stefan and he has totally different values, and totally different ways of solving problems.

5.  Is Jack Stone based on anyone?

No. Jack Stone is a complete creation, but I guess he’s based on some ideals. I like the idea of a man’s man, and I think other women will too, especially after the recent spate of more refined, sophisticated heroes in erotic romance fiction. He’s got a bit of the cowboy in him; the lone man who rides into town and sorts out the bad guys before riding off into the sunset. Likewise, I’m determined to create some strong female characters to weave into the stories. Personally, I’m tired of the naïve innocent virgin who gets swept up by some dark sexy billionaire in a suit. So Jack Stone’s female companions will be women who think and act for themselves. Some will be tough like Jack, others will be smart. Some will be nasty! But they won’t be weak. I can promise you that!




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“Are you a good Master, Jack?” she asked softly, still with her head turned away, still with her eyes on someplace else and her hand toying with the button of her dress. When she finally did turn back to search his face with her eyes, they were welled and glistening with unshed tears. “I know you’re accustomed to violence,” she said softly. “Your background, and the man you put in the hospital, not to mention what you did to those men at the diner.  And I know you’re big and broad and muscled,” she paused for a split second, “but somehow I can’t see you as the kind of man who would be brutal with a woman. I can’t see you as the kind of man who would take pleasure from giving pain.”

Stone kept his expression impassive, like he was trying to be transparent, so she could read his eyes and know the truth of his answer.

“No real man ever hurts a woman,” he said. “But some women who enjoy BDSM actually want pain as part of their pleasure. Apart from that, I like sensual torture,” he said. “I prefer the ache of a woman’s anticipation. I prefer to hear her beg for release, rather than cry out in pain. And I prefer the touch of my hands instead of the sting of a whip.”

Lilley’s body seemed to shudder with a sudden convulsion. It was like a ripple that vibrated down her spine. Her lips were parted, and she gave a soft silent little gasp. Without realizing it she had leaned forward as Stone had been speaking, as if she were being drawn to him in the night by his words and the deep steady sound of his voice, so that now the space between them was just a few inches.



“Now, I’d suggest you two gentlemen apologize to the nice lady for your language, and then find another table and sit quietly until you finish your meals. Afterwards we can take this outside if you want to continue.”

The two men scrambled to their feet. The tall one had blood gushing from a broken nose where Stone had crunched his head down on the hard timber surface. His face was an ugly twisted mask of rage. He spat a mouthful of blood onto the diner floor and dragged the back of his hand across his mouth.

“Fuck you, boy!” the man hissed and stabbed a blood-covered finger at Stone. “I’m gonna rip you apart.”

Stone looked to the second guy, sizing him up. He was an inch shorter than the first man, but still a good size.

“Eat first,” Stone said calmly. “Because you won’t be able to afterwards. I guarantee you.”

“Outside!” the first man said again. “Now!”

Stone shrugged. He turned and glanced at the waitress. “Thanks for lunch,” he said. The woman was on the telephone, speaking urgently into the mouthpiece, and Stone paused a moment longer to asked her calmly, “Are the cops on their way?”

The woman looked up from the phone and nodded. Her hands were trembling and her face was pale and frightened. “Good. Tell them to bring the paramedics,” Stone said.

And then he smiled.

– Available from June 30th, 2013