Using the Emotional Wound Thesaurus and More to Prep for NaNoWriMo

These books are the best! Every writer should have them in your arsenal.

Author Roanne King

When I discovered the list of Emotional Wounds on last year, I was beyond excited. One of my novel projects would involve the POV of three sisters facing life-changing events and I needed to get to know each of these characters personally and separately in order to give each woman her own voice, struggles, fears, etc. I had an idea of their current personality conflicts, but wasn’t sure how they got there.

Sadie, the oldest, is about to have her first baby. Rachel, the middle sister, is the mother of six and recently found out her husband may have terminal cancer. And Ava, the youngest, has a teenage daughter who has just revealed that she’s pregnant and her plans for college may not happen. They are all on their way to their grandmother’s 80th birthday party, haven’t spoken to each other in years, and are not planning on sharing…

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