Erzabet Bishop — Queen of the Erotic Masquerade

The amazing John Tucker is hosting me on his blog today and boy are we dishing!


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Erzabet Bishop is an award winning author who loves to write on the naughty side. She is a contributing author to A Christmas To Remember, Club Rook: The Series, Sweat, When the Clock Strikes Thirteen, Sci Spanks 2014, Sci Spanks 2015, Spank or Treat 2014, Unbound Box, Milk & Cookies & Handcuffs, Unwrap These Presents, Summer Love, Wicked Things, Dirty Dates, Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World Issue and Man vs. Machine: The Sex Toy Issue, Smut by the Sea Volume 2, Hell Whore Volume 2, Can’t Get Enough, Slave Girls, Forbidden Fruit, The Big Book of Submission, Hungry for More, Gratis II, Anything She Wants, Dirty Little Numbers, Kink-E magazine, Eternal Haunted Summer, Coming Together: Girl on Girl, Shifters, Coming Together: Hungry for Love, Demons Imps and Incubi and Coming Together: For the Holidays among others. She is the author of Lipstick (upcoming), Dinner Date…

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Lipstick (MF) ~ Erzabet Bishop @erzabetbishop

A Great New Read

09 Sep 14th - LIPSTICK


Black Dress Chronicles, 1

The perfect shade of lipstick can lead to the perfect opportunity for sin…

When living-challenged author Claire Presswood gets invited to go on a night out on the town with her two best friends, she isn’t prepared for the evening that awaits her. Hungry and overworked, she arrives at a masked party at an art museum in time to meet debonair artist Maxwell Douglas. One look from his luminous eyes and Claire knows this will be a night to remember.

Be warned:  light BDSM, spanking, sex toys


“What would you like to see first?” Maxwell’s eyes resumed their fiery trail down my body.

“How about that spanking bench?” I smiled, letting him lead the way.

He led me to it and I leaned forward onto the padded seat, deliberately giving him a stellar view of my backside. Rachel was right about the dress…

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