Club Beam by Erzabet Bishop – Guest Post

Join me on Gina’s blog today while I talk writing and about my new Beyond Fairytales release, Club Beam. Are you ready to go clubbing?

Gina Writes Words


My writing process is a mix of plotter and pantser. I rely heavily on my foam core board and colourful sticky notes to get the idea framed out then a legal pad to scribble out notes. The sticky notes are a wonderful way to go because you can move them if the plot switches and you still have a structure going.

Other tools:

Pinterest: I create a board for almost every new project I start. It helps me get into the story visually. For Club Beam, it’s all about hunky Doms, sexy witches and fairy tale fetish wear are alive and well in this fun tale.

Pinterest link:

Music: Find mood music that fits your story. For this tale I listened to lots of Maroon 5, Sia, Evanescence and other moody, witchy tunes.

Chocolate: What? You’re saying it’s not a tool? (snickers) Oh yes it is.

My books:

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