Embracing Erotica: Death to the Dirty Little Secret

A great article.

Smart Girls love SciFi

Please welcome wonderful author, Sharon Fisher, to the blog!


I’m Sharon and I read, write, and edit erotica.

I’m far from alone in this — as my literary agent said recently, “smut has gone mainstream” — but that didn’t make embracing this part of my identity any easier. You see, you can take the girl out of Oklahoma … I think you get where I’m going with this.

One reason (maybe the primary reason) for the explosion in the popularity of erotic stories is the anonymity of e-readers. We like that the people around us can’t see what we’re reading. But why is that?

I think it gets back to that question of identity. If we tell someone we read or write erotica, we worry they’re picturing us having kinky sex. We worry they’ll believe we actually have kinky sex.

Or, we worry that it means we might be open…

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