Author Quick Chat with Erzabet Bishop

ABC: Author Book Chat

Hi, readers! Today I’ve got Erzabet Bishop here for a quick chat. Here is the question I asked:

What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever traveled to?

DeskWow. That’s an easy one. My desk.

I go everywhere for my research and my stories. That chair gets more mileage than my car ever thought of. Lol. Let’s see. Right now I’m taking a tropical vacation with my new story Temptation Resorts —  a choose your own romantic adventure with Silk Words due out later this summer. I am also traveling the internet to research historical attire for a haunted paranormal tale due out this Halloween. Let me see…where have I gone this year in my work? Let me count the places…

Club Rook*Club Rook-erotic women’s club. (witch and domme research)

*Sigil Fire-city streets filled with sexy vampires and succubi. Research on succubi and the naughty things they can and can’t do. Oh! And tattoo…

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