Friday tune-fest

Women and Words

Happy Friday, peeps!

I assume you’re all getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day, which sadly falls on a Monday this year (BUMMER! School night!). But if you get into that sort of thing, there are tons of celebrations all over the place, and I’m sure you’ll find SOMETHING to do.

In the meantime let’s talk a bit more about music. On Wednesday, Women and Words had author Lynette Mae and singer/songwriter/musician Cole Armocida over to talk about links between literature and music. As some of you know, Cole wrote a tune called “Rebound” to accompany Lynette Mae’s latest release, Rebound.

And yesterday, R.G. Emanuelle blogged about how as we age, we tend to maybe get too busy to keep up with things like music scenes, but we sure do remember the songs we grew up with and that accompanied us into adulthood.

Every generation has a “sound.”

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