How to create and improve your Author Central Page

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If you are a published author, your books are probably sold on Amazon and you should take advantage of a free promotion tool that Amazon provides—Author Central.

What is Author Central?

Amazon creates a web page for every author. If you sell books via Amazon, you already have an author page. If you have ever wondered why some author names on Amazon are clickable and others are not, this is why: the clickable names belong to authors who have claimed their Author Central page.


In this anthology, for example, Erzabet Bishop and JL Merrow have claimed their Author Central pages—well done, girls!—while Lois Cloarec Hart and Fletcher DeLancey haven’t gotten around to it yet.

That’s why Lois’ author page looks like this:


While Erzabet’s looks like this:


As you can see, Erzabet’s Author Central site lists all of her books, Erzabet’s bio and a photo, and also her Twitter and…

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