Holiday Giveaway

Ylva Publishing

SternWe are thankful for a very successful year and for the many positive experiences we had in 2013. To see Ylva Publishing develop as it did was a great joy for us. In this spirit, we want to share our good fortune and spread the joy around.

So, we decided to do a special holiday giveaway. Here is a list of what you can win:

1. One paperback copy of See Right Through Me by L.T. Smith
(with signed postcard)Ylva Mascot

2. One Ylva mascot, handmade by Alena Becker

3. One paperback copy of L.A. Metro by R.J. Nolan

4. One paperback copy of Something in the Wine by Jae

5. One Natural Family Disasters mug NFD

6. One paperback copy of When the Clock Strikes Thirteen

7. One e-book copy of Hot Line by Alison Grey

8. One signed paperback copy of Fervent Charity by Paulette Callen (with and pen)


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