DAY 11 of the 12-Day Holiday Hootenanny, 2013!

Women and Words


AH HA HA! Welcome, friends, to Day 11 of this out-of-control bag of crazy-time sharin’ the luv giveaway we call The Hootenanny! As you will see by the list below, WE ARE TOTALLY NOT DONE, people! The elves have cranked up the party again, and there’s now some kind of crazy line dance going on out back. Oh, wait. It’s “The Electric Slide.” Literally. They’re doing it on the ice-skating pond. I did not even know that was possible.

And the reindeer have made another batch of hot apple cider after all that bobbing they did yesterday but seriously, there is more than apple cider in this brew. Just sayin’. Even the neighbors are getting into it. They know every year we have a 12-day house party, so they’ve decided to join in and you would NOT believe the light display they’ve got going on. They’ve coordinated it to “Gangnam…

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