Tuesdays with Ana: Loving our neighbor (Advent Calendar, Day 17)

Anastasia Vitsky

(Warning: soapbox ahead.)

Daughter of Discipline

Daughter of Discipline is finally available for sale on Blushing books!

(Disclaimer: I use the term “loving our neighbor” because this is a phrase commonly understood by many people. I am not preaching any religious agenda, and this is not an attempt to blindside you with religion. The words are a shortcut, if you will, to explain my message today. We can call it empathy, compassion, tolerance, opening our minds…any number of ways, but “loving our neighbor” was what worked for me today.)

Already it’s been over two weeks, and we’re nearing the finishing line of Ana’s Advent Calendar. I am a little sad and relieved at the same time. This is a lot of time and effort (thank you, helper elves Tara, Emily, Kathryn, Penny, and Kate!) and I will need to get back to focusing on my writing, editing, and other work…but I will miss…

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