Tuesdays with Ana: My hero, Mister Rogers (Advent Calendar, Day 10)

Anastasia Vitsky

On Tuesdays (all year, not just for the Advent Calendar), I write about anything that strikes my fancy. Often these are longer, reflective pieces about things ranging from burn-out to creation of an identity to loneliness. Sometimes, they are about small things like taking out the trash. Or about the craft of writing, such as observing our world or shifting points of view. Tuesdays are when I like to slow down, think over things that have happened, and put to words what I’ve been processing. Often, the comments on Tuesdays are more profound than anything I’ve written, and this has become one of my favorite “everyday” events here. You don’t have to be an author to join in, a spanko, or any certain role. You just have to be a human being.

You may have noticed that Ana’s Advent Calendar has few Christmas-centric posts. Sure, we joke…

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