St. Knickerless Day (Advent Calendar, Day 6)

Anastasia Vitsky


The elf in the corner is not me! It’s Emily Tilton! She even said so her very own self. Ask her.

Last year I wrote a series of “naughty elf” Christmas stories inspired by an exchange with Emma Gardner. If you want the stories, go here:

I am now a reformed and law-abiding Head Elf, I promise you! Others, unfortunately, fail to believe me. (I sincerely hope Mrs. Claus spanks them and lets me watch.)

When I asked Minelle to create the artwork for this year’s Advent Calendar, she started chuckling as she drew a naughty elf in the corner. (For the record, I requested Mrs. Claus holding a wooden spoon. Period. No mention of naughty elves!)

Then Katie T (just to point out that this girl’s last name is TROUBLE, so I wouldn’t believe anything she…

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