#GivingTuesday and making a difference (Advent Calendar, Day 4)

Anastasia Vitsky

Yesterday, a successful grown woman told me a story. I’ll call her Annie. To look at her, no one would suspect she had encountered anything but a good life. Professional, well-spoken, and respected in her field, she has always seemed a friendly and loving person but “put together,” meaning she has her life in order.

Annie told me about a Thanksgiving in her childhood when a strange man came up to her house and dropped off a sack of food. She didn’t know who it was, and she never saw him again. She didn’t even learn his name.

Annie started to cry as she told me, “Later, my mom told me that our food stamps had run out for the month and we had no food in the house. We literally had not one thing to eat. She called a local church, desperate, and they found someone willing to donate…

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