Have You Been Naughty? (Advent Calendar Day 2)

Anastasia Vitsky

Holy COW! Three wonderful Advent Calendar helper elves, Penelope Hasler, Emily Tilton, and Tara Finnegan, were hard at work assisting me with registration and recordkeeping yesterday. We now have over 100 registrants, and more than 60 people played yesterday. I feel like a little kid whose entire neighborhood block has turned out for her party…thank you! I am bowled over, stunned, thrilled, gobsmacked, overwhelmed, and thoroughly humbled by the response to my question to Celeste Jones a year ago..”Do you think anyone would have fun doing a little Advent activity?” I thought last year was a blast, but this year has brought the Advent Calendar to new levels.

What I’ve learned about this community: People are friendly, welcoming, and good-hearted if only given a chance to shine. Boy, did you ever. Answering the comments yesterday took hours, but I was honored by every single one. I hope you’ll go back…

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