Now available: “Puppy Love” by L.T. Smith

As a dog mom I think this is wonderful. Pet rescue is a big part of my life and I am proud to have my publisher be an an active participant in helping to raise money for dogs in need. Congrats on the new release!

Ylva Publishing

cover_puppy-love_miniWe are very happy to announce that the e-book version of Puppy Love by L.T. Smith is now available.

Ellie Anderson has given up on love. Her philosophy is “Why let someone in when all they do is leave?” So instead, she fills her life with work and dodges her sister’s matchmaking.

Then she meets Charlie—a gorgeous, brown-eyed Border Terrier.  Charlie is in need of love and a home, prompting Ellie to open the doors to feeling once again.

However, she isn’t the only one who is falling for the pup’s charms.

Emily Carson is her rival for Charlie’s affection, thus starting what can only be classed as a working relationship.

By allowing herself to love Charlie, can Ellie open her heart to anyone else?

Puppy Love is a special project for us. All of Linda’s royalties as well as the graphic artists fees will go to the Dogs Trust

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