Ah, the Holidays

Happy holidays to new friends and old.

Women and Words

Some of us enter this part of the year with astonishment that it’s already this time of year. I’m one of those people.images

It seems like once Halloween is behind us, the winter holidays just come rushing in. And with those holidays often comes conflict. In theory, these holidays are supposed to bring people together to celebrate and enjoy being a family. But if you have one of those families that don’t get along, this is a problem for you.

For the LGBT community, the holiday woes have another layer: Too often, families do not accept partners. And when those two partners each have a family that wants that person to spend the holidays with them, things can get pretty miserable.

In my case, whenever I tried to split my holidays  between my and my partner’s family, my mother gave me such a hard time and would tell me, “THIS…

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  1. Thanks for stopping by Women & Words, Erzabet.

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