Halloween Special: Liz McMullen

Ylva Publishing

Halloween SpecialHere is a little guest blog from Liz McMullen:

Ready yourself for samhain rituals, pirates, vampires, wolf weres, night terrors, tortured souls, haunted houses, and the unexplained. Feel the warmth of the campfire as you listen to these talented storytellers bring Halloween to life with their delightful tales.

The link for the Halloween Special: http://www.thelizmcmullenshow.com/halloween_special/

And if you want to read those amazing stories by Erzabet Bishop, R.G. Emanuelle and Diane Marina you just need to go to amazon, Bella Books or Smashwords to get your personal copy of When the Clock Strikes Thirteen.
It’s also available as paperback from amazon now.

Astrid Ohletz

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