Claimed by the Devil

Claimed by the Devil_wbanner


Helene Gaudet is finally free of her past-a rage-filled ex-husband whose curse has left her unable to have children. Helene shares those past agonies with no one-certainly not with a Marchand. Her lonely life is upended when she encounters who she believes is her perfect Dom in an Internet chat room. To her shock, her Dom is none other than Devlin Marchand, the very person who handed her over to a dark sorcerer to be killed. Yet Devlin proves himself to be a loving Master, and lust and love grow with each tormenting, releasing, encounter. But guilt over his past betrayal is multiplied when he learns the curse that has dogged his lover for years comes from the trove of magic created by his very own family. Devlin fears all he has built with Helene will be destroyed. Can they overcome the past to have a future together?



I love a good series I can sink my teeth into and Claimed by the Devil is the beginning of series with magical sex toys, dream worthy Doms and sex scenes with BDSM that will curl your toes. *fans face*. When Devlin crosses paths with Helene after they reconnect after a harsh betrayal. I loved the element of suspense as Devlin has online Dom/sub conversations with Helene and they finally meet. The magical nature of the sex scenes was original and made the story flare with all consuming heat. The community of beings wrapped in spells and workings is positively diabolical and worked so well the the voodoo/magick elements of the story. There is a painful history between these two and there is a very real possibility that their reawakened passion may not be enough to surmount the damage done in the past. Some things are better left alone-will Helene and Devlin heal the wounds that bind them or will the darkness find them first? I love the characters and who wouldn’t love a magical sex toy?

5/5 This series is hot!!


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