Paragraph structure in fiction

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Today, we want to blog about something we noticed in many of the manuscript authors send us: Often, authors don’t seem to know where to start and end paragraphs—and I admit that’s not easy to learn since there’s hardly any information or writer’s guide on how to structure paragraphs in fiction.

So why do you as a writer of fiction need to worry about when to start a new paragraph?

The function of paragraphs

Paragraphs help your readers to follow your story without becoming confused. Paragraphs provide a structure and make reading easier by grouping sentences that belong together and separating sentences that don’t belong together.

Also, using paragraphs creates white space on the page, and that’s something modern readers like. If you have ever come across a text with no or few paragraph breaks, you know how intimidating long, unstructured blocks of text can look.

Guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules

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