Alison Tyler Loves Alliteration!




So once again it’s time for a total fangirl moment – I so thrilled to have Alison Tyler back on my blog talking about her love of alliteration and with a fun excerpt from her novella Banging Rebecca – she’s currently on a mission to sell 50,000 copies, so please do her a favour and go and snap up a copy from your local Amazon!



Over to you, AT:

BRfri1-4-1I play with words. Roll them in my mouth. Stretch them out like strands of cherry-flavored bubble gum until they snap. I pound words. Massage the individual letters. Caress their serifs. Tease their fonts. And when I’m ready, I slip words together to see if they’ll fuck.

My favorite classic novel is Lolita for the opening. I’ve had this sentence memorized for years:

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta, the…

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2 thoughts on “Alison Tyler Loves Alliteration!

  1. Hi Erzabet – thanks for the reblog and good to meet you!

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