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Today we want to draw your attention to two events. One that has already taken place but can be listened to on the web and another one that is coming up next week.

NFD Jae had an Amaretto Apple Juice with Andy and The Rev from Cocktail Hour and had fun answering their questions. Listen to the interview and don’t forget to answer their question in the comments. You can win a signed copy of one of Jae’s books or a Natural Family Disaster mug!

And you can listen to Jae’s cute German accent…

Here is the link:

And here is another event: Lois Cloarec Hart has a book launch scheduled for September 6. This is an opportunity for all those living close to or in Calgary. The event will take place:Walking The Labyrinth 300x200

910 Fifth Avenue SW

Copies of

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Dirty Little Numbers Revealed!

Guess who’s in there too! Great cover art and a busy few months ahead



As summer draws to a close I feel that I’m entering a new phase of my writing career.  Why?  Because rolling through the next couple of months, I’ll be having an unprecedented number of new releases, as well as starting work on what I hope to be a major new series… (more about that in due course!)

Anyway, one of the next anthologies featuring a piece of my work is coming soon from Go Deeper Press.  They’ve just released the cover and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!   It’s for their new collection of flash fiction, Dirty Little Numbers.

Enough said – just feast your eyes on this!

And more news on the way in the next few days, so be sure to pop back…



Dirty Little Numbers

Ain’t it a beauty?

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Paragraph structure in fiction

Great writing advice!

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Today, we want to blog about something we noticed in many of the manuscript authors send us: Often, authors don’t seem to know where to start and end paragraphs—and I admit that’s not easy to learn since there’s hardly any information or writer’s guide on how to structure paragraphs in fiction.

So why do you as a writer of fiction need to worry about when to start a new paragraph?

The function of paragraphs

Paragraphs help your readers to follow your story without becoming confused. Paragraphs provide a structure and make reading easier by grouping sentences that belong together and separating sentences that don’t belong together.

Also, using paragraphs creates white space on the page, and that’s something modern readers like. If you have ever come across a text with no or few paragraph breaks, you know how intimidating long, unstructured blocks of text can look.

Guidelines, not hard-and-fast rules

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Helpless by Shandra Miller

Helpless - High Resolution (1)

Detective Angela Martin returns to pick up the pieces of her life – and track down a killer – in the darkly erotic thriller HELPLESS, the sequel to the acclaimed erotica suspense tale LETHAL OBSESSION.

In LETHAL OBSESSION, Angela found herself in the clutches of a BDSM master who knew exactly how to control her body and mind, to make her feel pleasure – mingled with a hint of pain and submission – in ways she had never imagined. Then women started turning up dead in her town of Moose Creek, N.C., bound and tortured in ways eerily similar to what Angela’s mysterious master had done to her.

Despite the danger to her life and career, Angela couldn’t stop herself – she kept going back to him, ostensibly to learn more about him as she investigated the deaths, but in truth because she craved his touch, his control. She belonged to him, body and soul, though her devotion had tragic consequences.

In HELPLESS, she is working through the guilt of having killed, the grief of having lost, trying to rebuild her life and career. She is driven to seek out darker, more dangerous sexual thrills, even when the bondage killer, or a copycat, returns to Moose Creek.

Her life is complicated when a writer from a national publication shows up in her town, determined to do a series of articles on the bondage killer, and her life. The writer turns out to be more than expected, and this time Angela finds herself fighting not only for her career and life, but maybe to save others as well.


While HELPLESS stands alone as a novel, it is highly suggested you first read LETHAL OBSESSION, not only for a dark erotic thrill, but to fully appreciate the story, and characters, in HELPLESS.


Excerpt from HELPLESS:


Her cry was met with a slap across the face. Not hard, but sharp enough to sting.

“More, please Sir.”

He laughed, a quiet whisper of a laugh, then the sound of the leather strap slicing through the air followed, cut off by the snap of the leather against her ass.

Angela flinched at the contact, but could do little more. Her arms stretched overhead, wrists tied by a rope attached to the ceiling. Her legs were wide, a spreader bar between her ankles, each end lashed to those ankles so that she was unable to move. Her vision was blotted out by a black cloth tied around her head.

The leather kissed her skin again and again. She moaned from the pain, from the arousal, trying desperately to close her legs tight, to bring herself to climax.

“No you don’t,” he whispered before shoving a piece of ice into her cunt.

She gasped, her heart racing even harder now.

“You belong to me,” he whispered, hand tracing the contours of her bare breasts as he spoke. “Your body, your sex…” he worked the ice back and forth. “Even your existence.” His hand pulled away – the ice mercifully fell out, then she felt the pull of a rope tightening around her neck. He pulled until her air was nearly cut off, his other hand continuing to caress her breasts, fingers lightly rolling first one nipple, then the other.

“Ple…ase…” she rasped, fighting for breath.

“Please what?”


Her plea was cut off by his lips, pressing hard against hers, tongue plunging deep in her mouth.

She tried breathing through her nose, but couldn’t catch her breath. Angela struggled, but was unable to move. Even blindfolded pinpricks of light began bursting in her vision, she felt light-headed.

“Tanner,” she screamed….


Shandra Head- (1)

Bio: I’m really just a simple girl, grew up in the Midwest, left home at 16 and, except for one brief period earlier this year I’ve never been back. I lived on the road for most of the next several year, eventually making it to Florida where I spent three years working for a little traveling carnival, and another three working for a small circus. Now I wait tables on the Blue Ridge Parkway, spent my nights staring at the stars and writing what I hope is blazing hot erotica and blood-chilling suspense. All rolled into one.

Site Links:



Twitter: @shandramillerwr



Barnes and Noble:

Smashwords (downloadable in any format):

HELPLESS, Book 2 of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy


Barnes and Noble:

Smashwords: Not live yet, but hopefully any day. You should be able to find it there by doing a title/author search.

A Sexy Interview with Violet Ivy



1. How did you get started writing erotica?

My writing isn’t erotica as such. That’s bodice-ripping fiction. Although at times mine is quite steamy, it’s all real. There have been so many amazing experiences from my years of working in the sex industry that I don’t need to make anything up. I have several friends who know what I do and love to hear tit bits about my fun experiences at work over wine or dinner and they encouraged me to share my stories with a wider audience. Hence Violet Ivy the author came into being.

2. What is the single most annoying thing that makes you want to scream about erotica today?

The standard rich, good looking hero and the quirky, shy, bumbling heroine who somehow catches his affections. Ever been out in the real world lately? 50 Shades of Grey is the perfect example. That was just a Mills & Boon with repetitive spanking scenes…yawn! But good for her, she made a fortune out of it.

3. What book are you dying to read this summer?

I’ve just finished rereading the Armistead Maupin ‘Tales of the City’ series. This is my third read. I love the unique characters. The tele-series with Laura Linney and Olympia Dukakis was amazing too. Some things never get old. Next I’ve got my Lonely Planet. I’m off to Europe in two weeks. I love my job. The clients pay my expenses and I get to have a working holiday.

4. Favorite ice cream flavor?

This is a hard one….butterscotch chips in vanilla…..choc mint….rocky road….the list goes on.

5. Cheese burger or sushi?

Time, place and circumstance. Trying to be healthy noon on a Monday sushi. Hungover Sunday morning sushi just isn’t going to cut it is it? Cheeseburger every time.

6. Name three things on your desk right now.

Laptop, diary, phone….but also a dildo review I’m commenting on, car keys – I’m just about off to see a client, and big mug of hot chocolate – yum!

Exposing the sex industry
7. Plotter or pantster?
I live out of my diary. Once an entry is in there it’s in concrete. I can’t let my clients down or I won’t be successful. However my downtime is my own. I’m always up for wine, dancing, gym, beach, shopping. Life is short!
8. What kind of characters do you love to write about?

I have met the most amazing people in my travels. My second book ‘Sex and Sexuality – The Interviews’ is where I talk frankly with 21 diverse individuals about their views on sex. A transgender bondage and discipline Mistress, a slave, a gay guy, a bisexual girl who works on phone sex lines, another high class escort, a couple of my clients, a brothel Madam, a street walker and her client, a guy who works in an adult sex shop, a nudist, a guy who’s into trannies…and so forth. Writing that book really expanded my horizons. It will for anyone who reads it too.

9. Open your newest book and tell us what is happening.

I’ve just finished writing ‘Cougar’ which is another interview book. Mature ladies (cougars) and their younger gentlemen (cubs) candidly answer questions about their desire to have sex/relationships with age varying partners. I had pigeonholed ideas of both and was right with a couple of them but pleasantly surprised by the myriad responses to my questioning. Some just want to get laid as often as possible by any means, others are truly looking for long term, committed relationships. Very interesting reading indeed. It’s due for release early 2014.

10. What is next for you, writing wise?

I’m half way though writing my next book which is a ‘How To’ book. Everything from how to put a condom on without using your hands, how to get out of a bad date, how to have a threesome without one person feeling left out, how to get back out there after a divorce/breakup, how to deal with a stalker to how to do a fisting. A massive range of how to’s from someone who has been exposed to every aspect of sex and fantasy on the face of the planet!

More information:
Book cover 2

Lucky Girl – How I survived the Sex Industry

By Violet Ivy



The intimate autobiography of an international call girl. Scary, funny and bizarre stories recorded for your amusement, edification or simply for interesting dinner conversation.

The sex industry is clouded in mystery. It has to be to some extent or it wouldn’t survive. But in this age of internet porn, buying pubic hair trimmings online and wife swapping parties it’s about time the veils of mystery were taken down.

For moralists, let’s visit the chicken and the egg scenario. Which came first the prostitute or the client? If there were no clients then obviously there would be no sex workers. But what if there weren’t any prostitutes? Would guys wank themselves silly to porn? Harass their post-menopausal wives? Frequent bars trying their luck? Or hassle the secretary and risk being charged with sexual harassment? Would statistics for rape be on the increase? Is prostitution a necessary evil in our society? Don’t mindlessly believe and quote information spoon fed to you by friends, family or the media. Make an educated decision.

Although it was never my intention to get into this industry, I’ve travelled the world, had incredible experiences and bought several properties. I won’t have to rely on the government pension when I retire.

My closest friends are co-workers, madams and clients. Brilliant people who I would never otherwise have had the good fortune to meet. I will never regret my decision to enter this field. It has not always been a bed of roses, but when I compare it to what my life might have been; cleaning job, shitty boss, marriage, perhaps divorce, mortgage, kids, living in the burbs, scraping by to give my kids a better life than I was destined for, I feel that I have been rescued…..thank God.

Money doesn’t make you happy? Tell that to someone thrown out of his house because he can’t make the payments or the mother who can’t afford Christmas presents for her kids again this year. I’ve been poor. Money equals choices. Options of how to travel on this journey we call life. Did I make some mistakes? Sure! But there’s not too much I’d change. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Money gives security. Poverty causes ulcers. Financial hardship can also make you compromise yourself in ways that being a sex worker never will.

This industry eats its young and damages those not strong enough to cope. Every worker has a different personality, head space, upbringing, personal history and therefore experience. This book is a glimpse of mine. I am not advocating anyone join the profession. That is a personal choice.

When I started out I could never have imagined what my life journey would look like or where I would be now. I don’t even know where in the world I will be in twelve months. What I will be doing? Who I might be bonking, caning or smearing with hot wax? Exciting isn’t it? Carpe diem – seize the day. I’m a lucky girl.




“Lucky Girl – How I survived the Sex Industry” is available as a paperback or E-book version;






Barnes & Noble


Book Depository



 _MG_3750 - Copy

Author bio

Violet Ivy grew up on a small wheat and sheep farm in the outback of Western Australia. A spray of freckles across her nose, pigtails streaming down her back as she swam naked in the local creek to cool off during the endless summers.

Who could have predicted her transformation into one of the world’s most elite, international escorts? The wanton woman satisfying the needs and desires of the most affluent men and women of the globe.

Life was not always easy for Violet. Hers is a rags-to-riches story from the seedy brothels of the mining town Kalgoorlie to attending the Kentucky Derby and the Oscars on the arms of the most influential men on the face of the planet.

Violet continues to work in an industry that can either make or break it’s players. She has had to learn how to adapt and hone her expertise to climb to the top of her game. Based in Melbourne, Australia, where sex work is legal, she travels to far flung places, (if the money’s right), as either a courtesan or a fetish Mistress, fulfilling her clients’ needs and desires. Encouragement from friends and family to share her adventures led her to begin a series of books exposing the realities behind the veil of the oldest profession in the world. She introduces her readers to myriad bizarre, scary and hilarious people and situations she comes across in her travels.


Read what other esteemed authors are saying about Violet Ivy’s Debut novel…

‘From the opening paragraph to the final words I was hooked, no pun intended. Frankly there is no other book like Lucky Girl whether one reaches for Diary of a Call Girl or The Happy Hooker. Well, there is one comparison…the work of Nancy Friday who wrote in a similar fashion. When one writes about bondage and discipline it is necessary to keep in mind the sensibilities of readers who may not understand these matters. For me it was an eye-opener. Lucky Girl gave me an understanding of B&D that now makes complete sense to me. People should read this and understand the life and mind of a sex worker. It becomes obvious very quickly that not all are uneducated drug addicts who can’t hold down a job anywhere else. I look forward to the follow up books. Violet Ivy is a writer, and that is the highest praise any reviewer can give. To possess such talent suggests that Violet Ivy is indeed a Lucky Girl.’

Graham Whittaker, Author, The Girl from Kosovo


‘…gripped me from the start …very readable, an honest account of someone ‘who’s been there’. An important work worth publication.’

Ruko Kitamaru, Author, No Ice Cream in the Land of the Cannibals


‘I read every chapter and want more. A fascinating look into your world presented with straight forward honesty, warmth and colour. Such a fresh contrast to the drab, dark or dirty shades that the media and society paints your career. I’m completely fascinated to know more about Violet, she’s so real.’
K Malone, Author, Twell


‘I was interested in comparing this with Belle de Jour’s books which I read last year. Whilst I remember almost nothing of hers, I’m pretty sure parts of your diary will stay with me. You’re not afraid to tell it as it is; warts, unpleasant odours and all!’
Camac Johnson, Author, Hemingway Quest


‘A light and humorous but overall compelling biography….an in depth and revealing picture of the life of a sex worker, at the same time demonstrating that someone working in this industry has the talent and perspicacity to write a biography of this quality. Well done…’s really very good.’
Janet Holt and Helen Parker, Authors, The Stranger In My Life


What readers are saying about Lucky Girl – How I Survived the Sex Industry

‘Is this woman real? She must be. You couldn’t make this story up. I feel that I know her, the way she thinks, her motivations. Can’t wait for the sequel.’….Mel H, Birmingham, England


‘A real page turner.’…..George W, Ontario, Canada


‘More, more….more please! I got to the end and still wanted to keep reading. Fantastic!’ Irene K, Sydney, Australia


‘Very Belle de Jour.’ Fred C, Port Douglas, Australia


‘Good to see the Aussie perspective. You go girl! Can I take you out for a drink sometime? I know you’ve got more stories to tell.’ Dirk B, Brighton, England

Sex and Sexuality book cover

Sex and Sexuality – The Interviews

By Violet Ivy



Hold onto your hat. This interview book contains some ‘out of the ordinary’ friends I have met in my travels. And I mean way out there. It’s amazing how mainstream these people look when they are on the bus travelling to work. None of them have two heads or gills. And you would never pick their fetishes. It’s only when they choose to reveal them to another that their true nature is exposed. I meet a range of people due to my involvement in the sex industry. There is no way I can be judgemental after some of the kinky stuff I have done and enjoyed. Stones and glass houses. As long as everything is safe, sane and consensual.

When I began this project I had no idea how much fun it would be to investigate sex and sexuality from other viewpoints.  It’s been very educational too. Some of these people I already knew and others I sought out for their unique take on different facets of intimacy or simply what gets them off. All the names have been changed of course but their interviews, as bizarre as some of them seem, are one hundred percent real. The interviewees include a sex-change bondage and discipline Mistress, a real life slave, male clients, another high class escort, a brothel madam, a street worker, a man who loves transsexuals and carrots up his arse, a gay guy and a bisexual girl, a paraplegic and a nudist amongst others.

Read about their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and difficulties with regards to expressing their sexuality. Some just want to get laid as often as possible by any means. Others are attempting to find true and lasting happiness. The rest have specific needs that they struggle to meet. You may find a little piece of yourself in each of them.

This book could have been written a hundred times with different people being interviewed. Everyone you pass on the street has their individual preferences and past experiences. There are as many stories as there are humans in the world.

I am indebted to the interviewees as I could not have written these pages without their input. The real message of live and let live comes through the pages of this book. A lot of what is involved in their lives happens behind closed doors. A Mistress does not go into the local pub, in full leathers with a whip, looking for someone to flog. If that is your thing you have to actively seek it out.

Some of these interviews were easy to get. Others required me to search, beg, pay, travel, bribe and use any other means at my disposal to get the interviewee to accept my request. Enjoy reading their perspectives and maybe even learn a thing or two. At the very least you won’t be short of dinner party conversation for a while.


“Sex and Sexuality” is available as a paperback or E-book version;





Barnes & Noble


Book Depository




Author bio

Violet Ivy grew up on a small wheat and sheep farm in the outback of Western Australia. A spray of freckles across her nose, pigtails streaming down her back as she swam naked in the local creek to cool off during the endless summers.

Who could have predicted her transformation into one of the world’s most elite, international escorts? The wanton woman satisfying the needs and desires of the most affluent men and women of the globe.

Life was not always easy for Violet. Hers is a rags-to-riches story from the seedy brothels of the mining town Kalgoorlie to attending the Kentucky Derby and the Oscars on the arms of the most influential men on the face of the planet.

Violet continues to work in an industry that can either make or break it’s players. She has had to learn how to adapt and hone her expertise to climb to the top of her game. Based in Melbourne, Australia, where sex work is legal, she travels to far flung places, (if the money’s right), as either a courtesan or a fetish Mistress, fulfilling her clients’ needs and desires. Encouragement from friends and family to share her adventures led her to begin a series of books exposing the realities behind the veil of the oldest profession in the world. She introduces her readers to myriad bizarre, scary and hilarious people and situations she comes across in her travels.


Below are what some interviewees had to say to Violet…

‘She was a petite, little thing and she liked group sex. The straighter they look the more kinky they are.’ ….Jack

‘There’s a feeling of shame….How did it get to the point where I have to pay for it?’ …..Shakespeare

‘Transitional and rooming houses are for the unfortunate in life….I saw stabbings. I saw a girl set on fire….She was conscious but too drugged up to help herself. She died.’ …Rose

‘I’ve been done once already….I was curb crawling in my car and I saw this hot chick with shorts on. Half her arse was hanging out… I called her over and she asked me what I was looking for, so I asked her what she was selling and she asked what I was looking for, so I said “sex”. Before I knew it half a dozen bloody coppers jumped out of nowhere with their badges and I was done.’ …Jeff

‘I didn’t change my gender. I just changed my body to match my gender. People confuse transgenders with cross dressers, drag queens and transvestites who change their genders for many purposes, either work or they just want to think of themselves as female. The look is on the outside. The word transgender used to be used to describe someone like myself but then the sex industry got a hold of it and now it is used for any chick with a dick. I call myself a sex change.’ …Mistress C

‘I’m Your slave Mistress…. I do house chores. I like being told what to do. Ordered around as a submissive.’ …slave

‘…a lot of gangster people like Crypts and Bloods and Black Power. I grew up around gangs.’ …Sebastian

‘He was an Asian lady-boy so he was very pretty. This was in Singapore. He presented as a female. I had him in the room before I even knew.’ …Frank

‘…I have met some very nice ladies who enjoy big dicks. Their husbands enjoyed watching.’ …Ron


What readers are saying about Violet Ivy’s new book Sex and Sexuality – The Interviews

‘Thank you for including the gay perspective in your book. It’s the best reasoning behind our lifestyle choices I’ve ever heard.’  Phil B, Sydney, Australia

‘This is much more than a book of smut. It’s an enlightening look into sex and sexuality from some pretty out there viewpoints. This book needed to be written.’ Sara M, Darwin, Australia

‘Every pot has its lid as my mother used to say. As out there as your kinky wants and needs may be you will find a sexual partner to fulfil them. Thank God for the internet.’ Pat W, York, England

‘I haven’t seen another book like it. Amazing how she gets the good stuff out of her interviewees.’ Debora A, Montana, USA

‘A non-discriminative look at some pretty bizarre characters. Are these her friends? What an interesting person Violet Ivy must be.’ Hal C, Chamonix, France

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Choose Your Shot: Erotic Choose Your Own Adventure from Christine D’Abo: The Interview


1. How did you first start writing erotica?


I’ve been writing erotic romance for a few years now. Originally, I hadn’t even considered the erotic angle. Sure I loved to read them, but at the time I wanted to write futuristic romances. Well, it turned out that my first book was hot enough for Ellora’s Cave to pick it up, and the rest developed from there. Over the years, I’ve expanded out from futuristics to contemporary erotic romance. I love both types of stories, but my contemporary books challenge me more as an author.


It was only recently that I’ve wanted to push the envelope more and dip my toes into the world of erotica. It’s a different style of book from erotic romance with different reader expectations. I have no doubt some of my romance readers will be caught up by the change. I promise, I’ll be back to traditional (but kinky) romances in no time.



2. Tell us about writing an interactive story? Talk about hot!


Thank you!! This book was a personal challenge I’d set out for myself. I loved the Choose Your Own Adventure books as a kid and had always wanted to write one. But I wanted to keep with the genre that I’ve grown to love – erotic romance. As I progressed with the story, I realized that Tegan’s story was as much about her sexual identity as it was about which hero she’d pick in the end. That’s why so many of the decisions the reader is faced with centers around sex.


The overall structure of the story was a huge thing I had to sort out. I’m not normally a plotter, but with each decision point I added in, I had to ensure that it would circle back around to a proper conclusion. I have an impressive flow chart that I had to create so I could keep things straight!



3. How many endings do you usually offer when you do an interactive piece?


This was my first attempt at an Interactive book, and at the time I was writing it there weren’t a lot of examples out there for me to go by. I wanted to have a few jumping out points for the reader, so they could have a certain sense of closure in the story. Given the nature of this book and my heroine, I decided to go with three heroes to choose from – a Dom, a sub and a switch. I wanted to give the book enough meat that a reader could come back to it a week, month, year from now and still gain enjoyment from Tegan’s adventures.



4. What are some of your favorite characters to write about?


I love writing about people who are strong willed, but are hiding a core of vulnerability. These people (both in books and in life) have the most interesting stories to tell. I want to know how they developed that outer shell. What kind of person would it take to break through and get to their core? These people are not weak, though their strength can often cause them just as many issues.


5. Heels or flats?


My default is flats, simply because I’m 5’ 11” tall. LOL! My husband is a bit shorter than I am, so we have a good giggle whenever I have to put the heels on.


6. Sushi or cheeseburgers?


Sushi!!! I usually make it a point of going out for sushi every month, more if I can find a willing victim…err partner to go with me.


7. Tell us about some of your pet peeves in erotica today.


The biggest thing that bothers me is the prevalence of stereotypes, especially when it comes to kink. All submissives aren’t weak, or have issues, or are doormats. They can be CEOs, firefighters, cops, and wanting to submit to someone in the bedroom doesn’t make them a pushover. Likewise, being a dominant doesn’t make you an asshole or a bitch. They do have a sense of humor and can enjoy romantic comedies along with anyone else.


Personally, I try to avoid that and show a different side to my characters. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I have to try harder.



8. What advice would you give someone who is considering working on a choose your own erotic adventure story?


Plan!! I can’t stress this enough. And write down in an outline which links go to which chapters. You will need this to save your sanity when it comes to edits and production. It would have saved me so many tears…


9. Do you have an excerpt you would like to share?


I’d love to! Here’s a little bit from the opening chapter, showing Tegan as she approaches the club for the first time in a year.


The lineup was less organized than what she would have expected, but far less crazy than she would have imagined, given the significance of the evening. Like many of the club’s members, she’d been devastated when she’d learned of the attack on Josh and the subsequent fire that had destroyed much of the inside of the building. Mavericks was one of the few places she could let her guard down and be herself. Even now as she stood outside, wearing her black corset, leather skirt and high heels, she wasn’t scared to let anyone see her.

It had taken her a long time to come to that level of peace when it came to her sexual preferences. She’d been uneasy in her own skin growing up, not fully understanding the mixed signals her body continued to send her during her awakening sexuality. And while her parents were awesome, she couldn’t imagine going to her mom with questions like, “I get aroused when I pinch my nipples really hard and slap my own ass. Is that normal?”

Thank God for the internet.

Still, that was years ago and she now knew not only what she liked, but exactly where to go to scratch the various itches she developed. Wouldn’t her coworkers freak if they realized what she liked to do on a Friday night.

Tie me up. Tie me down. Turn around and let me flog you.


The crowd continued to buzz as the line grew. Tegan found her spot quickly, chatting quietly with some of the others she recognized from before the fire. Even as she laughed about the crappy remake that was the current big release in the theaters, her mind was distracted. She couldn’t imagine they’d have made too many changes to Mavericks during the rebuilding. While Josh was known for his creativity, he’d also prided himself on consistency. Not that Josh was running the club anymore—which still felt weird to her—so things were definitely up in the air.

Her anticipation stretched tight from the waiting, making her squirm. There were so many possibilities and with her imagination she couldn’t help but make the possible scenarios more elaborate with each passing moment. Were there new rooms? Equipment? Would she find someone who’d be willing to play with her?

The answer to that last question better be an unequivocal yes. If nothing else, Mavericks would give her the chance to find the right person, someone new or someone familiar. They’d find that spark, a connection that she’d hoped would last beyond a night.

Because if truth be told, she was getting tired of being single. The year away from the club had shown her that. It wasn’t simply enough to have a place to go and have kinky sex. She was looking for the right man to go with her. More than that, she wanted to share the rest of her life with him. Her work friends only saw part of who she was. Likewise, her Mavericks friends. There had to be someone out there who would want to know all of her. Who’d want to curl up on her couch and watch cheesy action flicks before going off to the bedroom for some kinky fun.

She just had to find the right him.



10. What is next for your writing projects?


My next release is Club Wonderland, a BDSM contemporary novel that plays on the themes of Alice in Wonderland. It’s a direct follow-up to Sexcapades and we discover what happens to Petra’s friend Alice when she disappeared.

I’m also a part of the Carina Press erotic holiday anthology. My story, Naughty Nicks (stripper Santas!) appears in the Seasons of Seduction anthology.

If you are interested in any of my upcoming releases, you can check out my website or follow my Facebook Fan page.


Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Adventure is now available at Carina Press, Amazon, and B&N.


Thank you Christine for popping over to talk about how exciting interactive erotica can be. As soon as I saw the story, I remembered how much I loved this type of book as a kid and now with my love of erotica, I can’t put it down.  I love your books and can’t wait to find out how my ending will turn out! Thank you for being a woman with the courage to tackle such a project! Your fans are going to thank you. There is nothing better than interacting with a story and falling in head first.

Warehouse Wonder World: A Spicy Interview with the Amazing Jane Brooke



A stunning, waif blond British female is abducted by a mysterious female at the train station in Paris. Thus, in a Paris warehouse she is taken on a sexual journey of unfathomable pain, pathos, humiliation by what appears to be a serial killer, or worse a complete and deranged power provocateur. It is, with the fact in mind that some females need flowers and dinner for sexual fulfillment and others need handcuffs and a crop a story that read to its end is nothing as it seems and in that end is touching to say the least.

1. You mentioned that you began writing erotica when you were pretty young. What started you writing hot and spicy stories?


(YES, at fifteen, and because both of my parents are British brilliant artists, I got parts of both of their brains and quickly they placed me in Savant child programs and with an IQ whirling around 170, they did not drug my talent out of me, I was very lucky to be born to them. I am also a painter. I choose erotica, or more like it, erotica choose me because I felt I would not ever need to deal with censorship since my writing has been described as pornographic gun shots and bullets whizzing past your ear. Like DeSade, I would write with my own blood and feces on-a-wall if chained to a prison cot if that was the only venue that was available to me to write my beloved words.) I write or I die.


2. What kinds of characters do you most enjoy writing about?


(I write hard truth reality and since I do a research tour through the European sex and fetish clubs once a year, as a voyeur, I write what I know and see. Of course those are the lovely and honest people that hold no shame in their minds, nor boundaries as they seek the freedom to express themselves within their most natural sexual desires. I do not write Fabio romance, or about lost princesses and the knights that save them. I love to write a lot about female hit woman as I did in my anthology (British Bonzai Bitches) babes that are fierce, valiant, fucked up by genius brains and always are so problematic. I write about hard, dangerous, amazing, unique, compassionate, sweet and hyper sexual woman and for woman, and to empower women. Fuck, I am a women; well at 22 almost TEE HEE.


3. Tell us about your newest release, Warehouse.


(WAREHOUSE WONDER WORLD) yes, is was a total maniacal romp into the world of a lesbian submissive stunning English female who at the hands of what appears to be a sadistic female serial killer, is abducted at the train station in Paris and then in a Place Monge Paris warehouse, is taken on a psychological and physical sexual journey into the very depth of her sexual sole. As everything I write (I never write rape, or under age sex) WWW in the end is my hope of a total education to my readers that sometimes what they are seeing, is in fact nothing as it seems and I have been told, quite moving and poignant in the end. I actually have witnessed such SCENES at Amsterdam and Berlin SCENE CLUBS.)


4. What are some tips for writers working on their first book length novel?


(Leave home, travel to Amsterdam, smoke hash, (I never do drugs, but at one time I did) never judge, always change, take life risks, experience everything possible considering erotica love, all genders will be just fine, thank you very much and laser your cunt, wear a mini skirt, try girl-girl sex, it’s sooo yummy, KATY PERRY SAID” I Kissed a girl and I liked it, the taste of her Cherry Chap Stick) diet, wear heavy mascara, get you’re hair cut and cow boy up and, then let it RIP and write, write, write what you KNOW, not what you think you know. You want something deep, sexual and meaningful in your life; then don’t be afraid to grab it. You’re unhappy, fuck, do something about it.



5. Tell us about your sexiest scene ever…


(That’s a hard one and all of my work is laced with sex and if I had to choose, and because of my bent personality well it would be in Warehouse Wonder World. I love very dark humor in my erotica, and the Dominatrix, the powerful woman has that, a twisted and almost sadistic sense of humor, and I am laughing for as the English blond waif is hanging by her wrists by leather restraints from eyebolts in the ceiling, and being cropped and forced to multiple orgasms, the Dominatrix pinches her cheeks and demands her not to cum again. Now, say to me “You can’t make me cum. DO IT and I will let you go.” Whimpering, the girl trembles the words out of her quivering lips. “I will try.” Then in process with a ball vibrator pressed to her cunt and as the girl says over and over as her tits are cropped “You can’t make me cum” She has an explosive orgasm. The sadistic woman, looking at her with disgust, says. “I thought you said that I couldn’t make you cum?” Hyperventilating, the waif moaned “You tricked me.” Evilly and cynically Mistress smiled and said. “Yes, I did, didn’t I?” Though trapped within what apparently the very nexus of darkness, I always try to give my readers humor, it lightens the novel, and thus we can move deeper and deeper into the pathos of the human mind.


6. Heels or flats? (or just bare feet…naked is good…)


(Never ever, ever flats BIG SMILE they remind me of those gals with dog leashes running around the dog show in Manhattan. Naked, well that is the skin we were born in, and YES, sometimes stilettos, they are so dramatic, but most of my girls, Jane in “Jane, Vegas PI” Kenna Gray in “Love, Sex & Silhouettes” and Adray Venus, my stunning platinum clad skinned Cyborg girl in “CYBORG GIRLS” as well as the savage blonde Mandal in my mostly lesbian hit woman “British Bonzi Bitches” all wear combat boots, because they are kick ass kinda girls. My female leads are all genius savages, go toe to toe with life, and mostly fight and decimate evil men in wars to the death, men that have dismantled and injured either dogs or females BIG SMILE.)



7. If you were going to be smothered in food, what would your favorite food be?


It would have to be fruit, blueberries, black berries, straw berries, mangos, papaya, etc, I love fruit, and never shy away slathering it on myself or one of my sweet gay girlfriends. Yes, I warned you, I am savage, one of my most favorite words.


8. What is your biggest pet peeve in erotica?


(OMG, where do I start? Listen, I know I am just a thug with a keyboard, and am no better or worse than any other female on the planet. I dare not judge anyone, for I am so imperfect. But if pressed, I will say why bother to write, unless you can hopefully write something that incinerates the readers ID. Personally, I don’t get all the Fabio, Prince kills the dragon and saves the princess thingy, I mean come on, really, how many times can that story be told. A good example is the (50 Shades) thing, there is nothing realistic in it, if this is heat, passion, madness between two lovers, then I will drink the Kool Aid. Again, I want my readers to see a REAL world of sex, bdsm, bondage, fetish, all gender pathos and sex, not some tepid made for TV world they think is out there, but the world I have seen personally, respect and love. I know, from my reader’s e mails they appreciate my Hard core writing of what really is going out there. Ride hard, give your words the spurs and, then hang on to your dildo for dear life, that’s my motto.)


9. Flogger or whip?


(HA HA HA all of the above and more. I am a huge fan of “Sex Tools Kits” and machine sex, dildos, vibrators, handcuffs, leather restraints, crops, whips, lashes, guns, Caterpillar Tractors, predator drones, anything and everything a female might need to AGAIN fulfill her artistry as she seeks complete and total sexual fulfillment. Remember, it is the MIND that is the sexiest organ in the body, and basically, and I have witnessed most of it, if you can think of it, it will be used as sex implement of pleasure EG: “WAREHOUSE WONDER WORLD.” By the way and since “CYBORG GIRLS” takes place in the year “2101, the futuristic sex with AE computers and machines between humans, Cyborg females and Androids, is nuclear.



10. What do you want readers to get from your work?


(Blasphemy, banality, incredulity, mind fucked, heart pounding honesty, jaw dropping reality, (DIRTY THOUGHTS BIG SMILE) beauty, love, Sex and more sex, humor, redemption of the human soul and hopefully their hearts and minds vaporized and, then reborn and hopefully educated of what the possibilities are if one were to step through the door of what happiness await a human being if they dare to seek it.


11. What is next on your writerly horizon?


(HAVE a new 4 book erotica series called the “Hit Woman’s Assassination Hand Book” 1st novel coming from the publisher in two weeks. It’s about Mandal, a Mensa brilliant stunning blond killer, and we follow her life as she runs from a private girl’s school in Montreal at 15 and we pick her life up twelve years later. She’s been a nude dancer, a grifter, whore, habitual liar and then a Contract Killer for a Obese New Jersey Mobster which she (after  basically selling out because she can’t take the heat of life) has become his concubine. She then runs with a million of his cash and thus the hunt for her across the USA by the mobster’s killer crew begins. She breaks down in her old Caddy in a last ditch Texas shit hole called “Inferno Flats”, run by the violent COX clan that run a massive crystal meth empire. Using her incredible beauty, she must lie, grift, cheat, use her astonish IQ and beauty and then kill everyone as she tries to escape with her head still attached to her neck with their money. Except, she falls in love with a horribly burnt ex Green Beret who is a gifted poet and the third Cox brother and has become a reclusive master horse man shaman to the desert Indians. With the NJ crew boring down on her and the illiterate and lethal two Cox brothers wanting to fuck her, she must play out the final grift to the end. Does she get out alive, don’t know, read the book BIG SMILE. This is my absolute fav thing I have ever written though that of course only means something to me.)


Thank you Jane for visiting on the blog today! I am so excited to start reading WWW for all the grit, glamour and super hot scenes I know will be waiting for me between the pages.

Alison Tyler Loves Alliteration!




So once again it’s time for a total fangirl moment – I so thrilled to have Alison Tyler back on my blog talking about her love of alliteration and with a fun excerpt from her novella Banging Rebecca – she’s currently on a mission to sell 50,000 copies, so please do her a favour and go and snap up a copy from your local Amazon!



Over to you, AT:

BRfri1-4-1I play with words. Roll them in my mouth. Stretch them out like strands of cherry-flavored bubble gum until they snap. I pound words. Massage the individual letters. Caress their serifs. Tease their fonts. And when I’m ready, I slip words together to see if they’ll fuck.

My favorite classic novel is Lolita for the opening. I’ve had this sentence memorized for years:

Lolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. My sin, my soul. Lo-lee-ta, the…

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Banging Rebecca: A Sexy Interlude with Alison Tyler

Banging Rebecca

Banging Rebecca is a dirty rock and roll story about a girl, a band, and a wicked desire. The 21 pp novella is filled with the type of kink that Alison Tyler fans love best: bondage, spanking, exhibitionism, and hardcore s-e-x!

Let’s start with a bang, an excerpt from Banging Rebecca, that is. Pay attention. There will be a test.

While most of the girls in the crowd oohed over Derrick Jacobsen, the feline lead singer with the mane of white hair, I had been captivated by Sean. He wore a sleeveless chrome-gray tee-shirt, and the muscles in his arms flexed and danced when he beat the skins. He was a man possessed, eyes glazed, body moving as he kept the band on track. Yet apparently, he’d felt me watching him, had seen me through his tangled mess of caramel curls.

That night, he tore down my midnight shorts and stared impatiently until I stepped forward—leaving a tiny ripple of black satin on the gravel-strewn ground. I was wearing thigh-high fencenet stockings and no panties, and he hesitated only long enough to bend to his knees on the pavement and lick my clit. His face burrowed into me, and I gripped onto his ripped shoulders—my fingers slipping on his bare skin—and sighed. Although the urge was there, I didn’t toss my back head or close my eyes. I wanted to see everything, wanted to watch as he parted my nether lips with his thumbs and went in tight for those dreamy circles around and around my clit.

“Fucking god,” I hissed.

We were in a groove right from the very start, no stammering, no struggling. But when he sensed my impending climax, he stood up, lifted me up in those steady arms of his, pinned me against the brick wall, and slammed inside of me.

I cried out at the first thrust of his cock, driving hard and fast into my pussy.

“You like that.”


One of the questions I get asked the most is this: How much of what you write is truth, and how much is fiction? Some authors become incensed at this query. Do you ask a mystery writer how many victims he’s dispatched? A horror writer if she has a monster in her closet? But I understand the titillating thrill of being an erotic writer, so I will crack open my diary and share a bit of truth.

In the above scene, there is something I have rarely done in real life. Wanna read it again? Do you want to try and guess?

Okay, here’s the big (or rather, small) reveal: I own only one pair of shorts. No, really. I don’t like shorts. I’ve never liked shorts. I have a pair of button-fly cut-offs that are perfect in every way, and aside from that—me and shorts, we don’t play well together. I prefer abbreviated skirts, the ones that hug, the ones you can pull up a little for that extra slutty flavor or pull down to turn into a kinky secretary’s best asset. I know. You really were hoping I would have those black satin short-shorts in my drawer, but I don’t.

As for the rest? Well, yeah. I’ve done that.



Called a “Trollop with a Laptop” by East Bay Express and “a hell of a writer” by Violet Blue, Alison Tyler is naughty and she knows it. Her sultry short stories have appeared in more than 100 anthologies. She is the author of more than 25 erotic novels, most recently Dark Secret Love, and the editor of more than 75 explicit anthologies. Visit 24/7 as she’s a total insomniac.


Thanks Alison for visiting the blog today! That was super smokin hot and I can’t wait to read it! Now I’m going for those ice cubes…

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