Corset Magazine: Sex Around the World


– CORSET is the go-to magazine for all things sexuality. Our seventh issue explores sensuality, sexuality, and the erotic from an enticing global perspective. From Cuba to Prague, our stories of lust, spontaneity, sex, and culture will inspire you to step beyond your borders, experience yourself sensually uninhibited, and open to a new type of sexual education. Each story is diverse, packed with the richness and details of foreign cultures, while finding that there’s still something similar in all of our journeys to sexual empowerment. Parisian love affairs, tantric sex in India, a different type of threesome in Peru, you’ll find it in this issue, complemented by stunning illustrations, paintings, and photography. Page count: 140 (Cover Photography: Skyler Whitehead)


I am thrilled and excited to be included in this very sexy magazine. My short f/f story is called Red Eye and it tells the tale of a young woman who encounters a sexy flight attendant on an international flight. The artwork paired with the story is simply gorgeous, as is the rest of the magazine. Stunning and completely erotic, Corset Magazine is a beautiful and rousing interlude. Check it out for yourself and I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.



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