Kicking It Off Right with Karen Mercury!

See if you can find the answer…

Nice Ladies, Naughty Books

Karen Mercury

We are so pleased to kick off our New Blog Book Bash with the wickedly-talented Karen Mercury! Karen is going to get our early morning brain working and ready for this fun filled day by playing a little game of “hide-and-seek” author style! Karen’s latest release is The Sublime Miss Paige. Check out the blurb:

Miss Willow Paige has taken Last Chance by storm, remodeling the decrepit Searchlight Motel. She discovers a menu from the motel’s bordello days that describes unspeakable sex acts, firing up her imagination. Building inspector Steffen Jung wants to check out more than her wiring, and he makes a proposal to Willow. He will fulfill her lifelong fantasy of watching two men going hard at it.
Steffen is the most notorious womanizer in Last Chance, but he soon meets his match in cattle rancher Amadeo Barbieri. Amadeo has lusted after Steffen since Steffen was the football…

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