Report from GCLS 2013

This sounds great!

Women and Words

Wow, what a weekend it was. The Golden Crown Literary Society’s annual conference is always full of great opportunities to learn things about the craft of writing and the business, as well as meeting and having fun with people.

(Since I don’t want to poach anyone’s photos, you can go check out some of your favorite people’s albums on Facebook–provided you are their friend, of course: Lori Lake, Patty Schramm, Lynn Ames, Georgia Beers)

This was the first year that I was involved in the events, and it was quite a learning experience. Those of you who have been following this blog know that getting up in front of people is not something I look forward to. (At the awards ceremony, someone got up to describe the judging process and said, “This is an introvert’s nightmare.” That says it perfectly.)

But, from what I’ve been told…

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One thought on “Report from GCLS 2013

  1. Thanks for the re-posting, E! Glad you liked it.

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